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James Lavott at The Independents Liverpool Biennial; see

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The Lavott pieces have, in some cases, been inspired by others. The following links provide some insight to inspiration or locations where Lavott art can be seen:

Grappenhall Exhibition:

The Egg Poacher Visits Cubism for example has taken the old woman from a Velasquez masterpiece in an attempt to merge two distinct styles, classic renaissance and cubism. See

The portrait of Stephen Fry was painted for no other reason than admiration for one of England’s foremost satirists, see:

Dali has been a huge influence in the Lavott paintings. The classics includes the Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man. The Lavott painting Disrupted Egg Path On Blue was also influenced by Dali, who in turn, was influenced by Velasquez. See:

The classics also includes an interpretation of the Picasso Weeping Woman. The piece portrays anguish and pain in the Picasso style so accurately.

Pole Dancers & Their Admirers inspired by the Picasso painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, see

The colourful character of the BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans, see like me a Warringtonian.

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The following all have Lavott art to view or are privately owned:

Certain Lavott art works are available in poster form or canvas prints, for more information see:

Certain Lavott art works are available in poster form, for more information see:

The Home Restaurant – Eat Drink & Stay. See:

Designs On The Edge, Alderley Edge Cheshire see: